Recover® Yarns


Recover® is revolutionary

Marlatex is currently leading the way in developing a 100% recover® woven material targeted to the apparel industry. 

The recover® Upcycled Textile System turns textile waste into valuable new textiles, again and again; generating recycled cotton from old clothing and cutting scraps. Recover® Upcycled Cotton fiber produces truly sustainable textiles by eliminating all the water, dyes, and toxic chemicals required for the farming and processing of virgin cotton fiber. Recover® yarns are used to make materials for almost every type of fashion accessory and home product. Recover® allows for a closed-loop and truly sustainable fashion industry.

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Recover® Upcycled Cotton fiber

Recover® is the world's finest Upcycled Cotton fiber. Recover® is strategically blended with other fibers to achieve specific performance and comfort.

Recover® Upcycled Cotton uses:

  • no water
  • no dyes or chemicals
  • almost zero CO2
  • 50% solar-powered factory
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Recover® Blue

Recover® Blue is a high-performance blend of Upcycled Cotton and post-consumer recycled PET bottles.