About Us

Marlatex Corporation has been producing quality textiles in North Carolina for over 30 years. We are a privately-owned, family-run business designing and manufacturing Dobby and Jacquard woven fabrics for the upholstery industry. 



  • Weaving capacity: over 1,500,000 yards per year

  • Weaving: Dobby looms and Jacquard looms

  • Able to accommodate low-yardage special orders

  • Development of custom designs and colors

  • Innovative patterns and colors


American manufacturing is thriving once more as companies respond to consumer preferences for American-made products. American manufacturing has several advantages over outsourcing: transportation costs are a fraction of what they are overseas; communication is easier; turnaround time is faster; quality assurance is easier to manage.

Textiles in North Carolina

Textiles once dominated the economy of the South. North Carolina's history in the textile industry dates back to the early 1800s. Alamance Cotton Mill operated in the Haw River valley and was the first mill in the South to produce colored cotton plaid fabrics (Alamance Plaids). Burlington was the “hosiery center” of the South. Cannon Manufacturing Company made the bath towel—formerly exclusively available to the affluent—obtainable and affordable for everyone. Cone Mills Corporation was the denim supplier for Levi Strauss and Company for nearly one hundred years.


The Coleman Manufacturing Company was the first textile factory in America that was owned and operated by African-Americans and the first major cooperative business effort by North Carolina’s African-Americans. By 1940, 40% of North Carolina jobs were in textile and apparel manufacturing. Starting in the 1990s, foreign competition led to the decline of domestic textiles production and consequently, many mills were forced to close.

Marlatex Corporation has been able to weather this shift and continues to operate in North Carolina. The textiles industry is emerging as a model for innovation, with an increasing number of international companies looking to reinvest in the United States. At Marlatex, we have been able to sustain our competitive edge in the market by staying true to our mission and vision. 

We focus on high-quality fabrics based in natural, renewable fibers such as cotton and linen. Because of this, our fabric constructions have a soft, comfortable hand and are durable enough to withstand modern life.

Our Mission Statement

Be leaders and trendsetters in quality, design, and sustainability for the upholstery industry.

Vision Statements:

Quality: Starting with the executive office and carrying through to the weave floor, we will continue
to manufacture our products with love and pride. We will exceed customer expectations in design,
product delivery, and ultimately, overall service.

Design: Create, manufacture, and distribute well-designed and well-constructed fabrics that are
trendy and timeless.

Sustainability: Increase our level of environmental stewardship by sourcing sustainable raw materials,
reducing the carbon footprint of our operations, and maximizing output of resources.